Professional experience

  • 03/2005 - present [Jadwisin, POLAND]
    Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute

    Presently I am working at Potato Agronomy Department. My main area of interests is plant physiology, plant water requirements, irrigation, water balance in plants. I am carrying pot and field experiments regarding plant stress due to water deficit: “Potato tolerance in different humidity conditions”. I try to estimate cultivars differentiations of potato due to different water demands. Relative water content and yield increases are my main tools for drought tolerance in potato.

  • 09/2003 – 02/2005 [Lublin & Zamość, POLAND]
    Laboratory of the Voivodeship Inspectorate of Environmental Protection

    I worked in following sections: microbiology, hydrobiology and soil chemistry; My main activities included an analysis and assessment of the quality of particular environment components i.e. water, soil; I used plasma spectrometer ICP type Liberty II AX Varian Company for detection of elements at vestigial levels. I have really good base at laboratory work.

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